Collaborative Projects

Mitra Jyothi works in partnership with other NGOs to reach out to more and more people in need and collaborates its efforts to maximize effectiveness of programs. Attending/hosting Workshops & Conferences for people with disabilities, conducting Educational Excursions, supporting Social Work Internship Programs and Need Specific Training Programs are some of the areas Mitra Jyothi is engaged in collaboration with different organizations as and when needed.

Mitra Jyothi’s Contributions to Sugamya Pustakalaya

– India's first and largest collection of accessible books!

Mitra Jyothi is now extending its reach to people online through Sugamya Pustakalaya which is a collaborative effort of several organizations to end the book famine faced by people with print disabilities. Through this wonderful initiative, our Audio Books are now available online to Mitra Jyothi beneficiaries! Books are also sent to beneficiaries as CDs for the off-line requests we receive.

To utilize the benefit of Sugamya Pustakalaya, please refer to for more details. A onetime registration required for tracking purposes. You can can contact us at or call us at 080-22587623 Ext: 19 for further support.

Mitra Jyothi – Bookshare Accessible Book Project

Mitra Jyothi is proud to be the partner of Bookshare, the world’s largest online library for persons with print disability. Mitra Jyothi is the main contributor of books in Kannada to “Bookshare”. (

For more information and to get membership in Bookshare please contact the following:
Dr. Homiyar Mobedji, Country Head [India]
Benetech – Bookshare. or call at +917875466344

Mitra Jyothi – Radio Udaan

Mitra Jyothi is extending its reach to Visually Impaired in Northern part of the country with the support of Radio Udaan, an online radio station ‘produced and webcasted’ by the persons with visual challenges. Mitra Jyothi supports the projects of Radio Udaan like Udaan Idol through possible means. Matrimony extravaganza at Mitra Jyothi driven in collaboration with Radio Udaan to help the persons with disabilities to identify their ideal partner is a noteworthy event.

For more details about Radio Udaan please mail to or call at +919463668196