Computer Training Centre
The Computer Training Centre imparts basic and advanced computer usability skills to people with various levels of vision impairment, from low vision to total blindness. This training is provided through the use of Non Visual Desktop Access or NVDA which is a free screen reading software that enables blind and vision impaired people to use computers.

Computer Training Centre

The Computer Training Centre (CTC) was started in 2005 with capital investment support from IBM. The CTC imparts basic and advanced computer usability skills to visually impaired and low-vision students. This training is provided through the use of Non Visual Desktop Access or NVDA which is a free screen reading software which enables people with blindness to use computers. The CTC runs three batches of computer training every year.

The Basic Computer Training is for a duration of 2 or 3 months. The 2 month batch is designed as a summer time training for school students who have completed their class 10 education. It is conducted during April and May each year. The 3 month batch conducted during the months of January to March, is for those who have completed their graduation, are in-between their studies or those affected by blindness later in life. The Career Centric Computer Training is for a duration of 6 months and is typically conducted between the months of July and December. This training is specifically designed for graduates and postgraduates who seek jobs immediately after completion of their training. Both these programs make visually impaired people “Computer literate” and opens up the world of Computers and the Internet to people with visual disabilities.

Food and accommodation is provided by Mitra Jyothi for the entire duration of the course for all the students. All trainees undergo mandatory orientation and mobility training, spoken English lessons and personality development sessions. More than 1000 individuals have so far been trained in the CTC at Mitra Jyothi since its inception. Every computer trainee automatically gets enrolled for job placement support from our Placement Cell.

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Program Highlights:

  • Brings the world of computers to persons with visual disability
    • Makes them computer literate
    • Enhances their employability - From clerical posts to working in hi-tech jobs, the enabler is “Computer Literacy”
  • Opens up the doors to higher education
    • Many of the students at Mitra Jyothi continue their education with further zeal and vigor after they comprehend the various possibilities they have once they become computer literate.
    • Knowledge of talking books, e- books and various text to speech conversion software drives up the thirst for education in them
    • Brings in the awareness of assistive aids and thereby fill in the gaps that prevented them from aiming higher
  • Initiates the visually disabled to today’s digital world
    • Bring in the necessary awareness about various opportunities that they have
    • Introduce them to the usage of electronic/digital devices, supportive and assistive devices which they were otherwise unaware of
    • Develop Accessibility awareness
  • Brings in the Internet into the world of the visually disabled.
    • Absolutely essential in today’s digital world where everything from shopping to banking and money management is on the internet
    • Introduction to online job portals and access to websites of organizations are key value additions
    • Usage of talking ATMs
    • Exposure to various possibilities and probable means of livelihood and career
  • Enables people with visual disability to live their lives as equals to sighted people
    • Instill confidence in them

Typical Computer trainee profile at Mitra Jyothi:

  • Graduates and post graduates who come to gain computer skills for better employability options
  • People at the risk of losing their eyesight due to various medical reasons
  • School students who complete their SSLC (10th Standard) and PUC (or standard 12) examinations
  • College students who come during their vacations
  • People who have discontinued their education but want to build their skills
  • Women who had to discontinue education for various socio-economic reasons
Computer Training Centre