Educational Resource Centre
Mitra Jyothi provides accessible reading material to people with print disabilities ( includes disabilities like low vision, blindness, dyslexia & autism). Our Education Resource Centre has close to 3000 books mainly spread across three languages, Kannada, English and Hindi and in various accessible formats such as eText, ePub, DAISY, mp3, Braille print and large font. Register to be a Mitra Jyothi Library Member to have access to a varied collection of text & reference books, magazines, fiction & non-fiction books and enjoy reading.

Education Resource Centre

Mitra Jyothi’s Education Resource Center provides a varied collection of accessible text & reference books, magazines, fiction & non-fiction books in multiple languages and formats with the primary objective of providing reading material to those who cannot read printed matter with the help of their vision. The “Digital Accessible Books Production” (DABP), “Talking Book Library” (TBL) and “Braille Transcription Centre” (BTC) are the Programs that cater to these requirements. With this, the need of both a young school child who will find Braille books more useful and adults who may switch to audio libraries and text to speech conversion technology for faster and more efficient reading, is addressed.

Hundreds of volunteers lend their time and voice and record books for us. Keeping up with technology trends, Mitra Jyothi has digitized a significant portion of the TBL. With newer and newer technology available for text to speech conversion and the remarkable improvement in the quality of audio output, Mitra Jyothi constantly works on process improvements and necessary trend adaptations.

Most of these books are getting uploaded in Bookshare, Sugamya Pustakalaya to make it available online for a vaster group across pan India.

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