Sponsor breakfast for all students in Mitra Jyothi - HO or Women at CEWD


Everyday, we provide breakfast, lunch & dinner along with tea and coffee to all our trainees residing in our dormitories in the main campus and to residents of our CEWD. Food is provided for about 40 to 50 beneficiaries in our main campus and for 50 to 60 women at our Centre for Empowerment of Women with Disabilities (CEWD) everyday. Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, festivals and other special events with us by being a meal sponsor and cherish the joy of giving! This donation provides for a breakfast requirement at one of our centres. Please change the quantity to sponsor more number of days or to support both our centres on the same day. Call us to block the dates on which you would like to sponsor, we will reserve the day/days for your special occasion.